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One Picture is Worth a thousand Words
Just where it's very difficult to explain a particular process using text, a tutorial animation is a perfect solution. Through the animation you can convey a lot of information in a clear, light and pleasant way, thus making it easier for the viewer to help them understand what we want to explain
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What are Tutorial Videos ?
Turtorial videos are best suited for organizations and businesses that want to explain something relatively complicated, to employees (as an intra-organizational film), or to customers. The length of the film varies and can even reach up to 10 minutes in some cases. This video shows the viewer how to use the service / product step by step, or alternatively teaches the viewer something new. It is very important that the film be refined and clear, interesting and communicative, designed and branded. Recommended techniques - Motion graphics, Whiteboard animation.
up to 10 mins.
Step by Step
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