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Nyosha is a 10-year-old girl with a naive and seemingly simple dream- buying a new pair of shoes for herself. In the reality of a merciless war, she believes that the shoes will keep her alive.
The combination of animation techniques mixes dream and reality  and brings out the personal story of Nyosha. The film was created by Liran Kapel and Yael Dekel as a final project at Sapir College in 2012.
The film is made entirely by handmade dolls and sets and took about 2 years to produce.

Documentary Animation / Film has won 10 prestigious awards and has been screened in more than 60 festivals in Israel and abroad.

2012 Stop motion, Classic Animation

Creators Liran Kapel and Yael Dekel Original Music Yoav Chodin Soundtrack Design Yonatan Englander

produced at Sapir College

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