Why Stop-motion works so well on social media

Hi! I'm Liran, and in my studio, we create short and focused stop motion videos, that always work. Why do they work so well? First of all, they are super fun to create. But mostly, it is because they can tell a great story in the best visual, fun, and effective way possible!

The part I love exploring in my work is how cinematic elements are scattered into the content, and that creates better-focused ads that are artistic and fun to consume!

So what exactly is it that attracts the viewer so much in stop motion, and makes it so effective?

First of all, this technique is filled with magic and emotion, that automatically magnetizes views, likes, and shares. The illusion that an object is moving on its own, samba dancing, disappears and becomes something else, or changes without a human around, creates a very special feeling.

These videos are really eye-catching, and they get the viewer thinking- How did they do that?! 


Short stop motion videos are surprising, innovative, and emotionally arousing. That is why, this super visual content makes your brand stand out, and gets the viewer’s everlasting scroll to pause, watch, and connect with us. 

The possibilities are truly endless. The coolest thing about stop motion is that you can create it out of almost anything. Stop motion videos can be made out of ready-made objects, particles like sand, salt and spices, clay, paper cut-outs, puppets, and even people! 

It is a perfect technique for advertising lifestyle products such as food and drinks, fashion, art, cosmetics, books, etc. As well as brands and service providers such as apps, designers, architectures, therapists, sports, and more.


Since the materials we use to create stop motion are endless, we can find the right technique for each message we wish to convey. The secret is to mix and match opposite worlds, like for example an ad we created for an app called Cashback, made out of paper cut-outs. An App is a very modern concept, while paper cutouts are an ancient art. This classic look helped us tell Cashback’s story in a unique way.

Another great example is using a product in an unpredictable way, like fireworks out of makeup products!

Idea inspired by visual county studio

In our studio, we empower our viewers' experience by blending illustration and 2d animations in our stop-motion videos. This gives the piece a unique world and branding of its own while standing out and making the video more artistic, special, and beautiful.

Another advantage of creating stop motion is the relatively short amount of time it takes to create. While other forms of animation take a lot of time to complete, in stop motion we can produce and create a short video within a week. The reason for that is simple - we can choose to work with ready-made objects. The most important part of the production is pre-production. We take time crafting a script and storyboard, styling and creative inspiration board, and an animatic (which is a storyboard on a timeline and allows us to examine whether our video works or not). After precise planning, we have a shooting day, which by the end of we sometimes have a nearly finished video! A couple of editing days later- and we have a ready to go online video!

Behind the scenes, videos, and stills from shooting day also create great material for Instagram stories and TikTok.

The bottom line- stop motion is fast, unique, and effective.

behind the scenes
behind the scenes
behind the scenes
behind the scenes

Nowadays, videos are usually optimized for different sizes. When we release a new campaign, it is very important to pay attention to the size and resolution of our video. While video resolutions vary, each one matches a different platform. Instagram is 4:5, stories are 9:16, youtube videos should be 16:9, and what about TikTok!? A great thing about stop motion videos is that it is fairly simple to play around with the resolution. All we need to do is know in advance and plan out our video in that way. Since the entire video is actually made out of still photographs, you can actually get super high-quality photos that you can even use on billboards! 

Different sizes for Social Media

So like I mentioned before, We have a creative art form merged with a practical message, and this is what makes stop motion videos so unique. 

We would love to hear your thoughts and questions about why you think these videos work so well on social media! Come join us on Instagram to see more of our work!