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About The Studio
Studio Liran Kapel is a young, dynamic and creative work space that specializes in producing artistic, commercial and marketing oriented animation videos. The studio was established in 2014 by Liran Kapel, an award winning designer and animation director with a BFA in film and animation. The studio specializes in a wide range of animation techniques that are integrated in order to produce the most effective and precise final product to our cliente , according to their marketing-advertising-creative needs.
Liran Kapel
Founder, Creative director, Animatior
Hi, my name is Liran Kapel, a director, animator and designer, founder of 'Studio Liran Kapel'. Since I can remember myself I have engaged in the different and diverse aspects of creation. I grew up in California United-states where I fell in love with film. During my adolescence I practiced photography and editing, and was fascinated by the imaginary world created by film. I finished my BA in film and animation in 2012, where I created "Nyosha" as part of my final project, a stop-motion animation short film which tells the survival story of my grandmother, Naomi Kapel RIP, during the holocaust. The movie is composed of dolls and settings all handmade. It was screened in 60 festivals around the world and won 10 awards. Due to the film's great success and after realizing how much one small film can move and touch so many people, I chose to go professional with my great love for creating animation films. On January 2014 I founded 'Studio Liran Kapel'. Since then I work advocating a sentence Walt Disney has once said "We don't make movies to make more money, we make money to make more movies." I invite you to join the ever expanding circle of the studio's clientele and enjoy a full creative envelope during all stages of creation.

Yours, Liran Kapel.
Libelula Animation festival, Lloret de Mar, Spain, November, 2012
Bradford 19th Animation Film Festival, UK, November, 2012
Leeds 26th International Film Festival, UK, November, 2012 
Rehovot International Women Film Festival, Israel , November, 2012 
55th Dok Leipzig- Official selection Animadoc, Germany, November 2012
Primanima 1st Animation Film Festival, Bodaros, Hungary October, 2012
StopTrik animation festival, Maribor, Slovenia September 2012
South Cinema International Film Festival, Sderor, Israel June, 2012
Tricky Women International film festival, Vienna, March 2013
In Motion Animation Festival, Peacok Visual Arts, Scotland February, 2013
Animac- Spain. March 2013
Animfest, Athens 8th International animation festival, Greece March 2013
New Jersey Jewish Film Festival, April 2013
Toronto Jewish Film Festival, April 2013 
Cherry Hill Volvo Jewish Film Festival, New Jersey, April 2013 
Be There! International Animation Festival, Corfu , Greece 
AmDocs – American Documentry Film Festival- April, Palm Springs, CA USA
Doctumentry Edge Festival, New Zealand April 2013 
Sehsuchte 55th International Student Film Fest, Konard Wolf, Potsdsam, Germany April 2013
Anifilm Internationa Animation Film Festival, Czek Republick May 2013
Golden Kuker Sofia Animation Festival, Bulgaria, May 2013 
Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, Croatia May 2013
ZLÍN 2013 - 53rd International Film Festival for Children and Youth, Czeck REpublic, 
May 2013 Anca- International Animation Film Festival,Slovakia,
May 2013 Filmisreal Film Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 
June 2013 TelAviv international Student film Festival, June 2013
Shortini Film Festival, Italy, 
July 2013 Anibar International animation Film festival, Kosovo, August 2013
Naussa International Film Festival, Greece, September 2013 
Ars International Film festival, UK, September 2013 1
SeMaFor Stopmotion Film festival, Poland, October 2013 
Balkanima- international animation film festival, Serbia, October 2013
Ars Independent Film Festival, Poland September 2013
Up and Coming International Film Festival, Germany, November 2013
Stopmotion Montreal Film Festival, November 2013
UK Jewish Film Festival, November 2013
Balkanima animation Film Festival, Servia, October 2013
Boston Jewish Film Festival, November 2013 USA
San fransisco Jewish Film Fest, August 2013 USA
Magma- Internationa Film Festival, Italy November 2013 
Cochester Film Festival UK November 2013 
Grand Off Awards- Nominated for Best Animation, Poland, November 2013 
Graz Short Film night, Austria, November 2013 
Stamford JCC
Harverd University
BaFici Buenos Aires July 2013 
Sichuan festival- china October 2013
Boston Jewish film Festival October 2013
Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, Croatia November 2014
Miami Jewish Film Festival January 2014
Washington Jewish film Festival , February 2014
Beth Tfiloh Community School February 2014
Hartford Jewish film Festival USA March 2014
Austin Jewish film Festival USA, March 2014
Los Angeles Jewish film Festival May 2014
Cartoons on the Bay – Opening Ceramony Screening May, 2015
Austin Jewish Film Festival October 2015
UK Jewish Film Festival November 2015